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Welcome to Tamirul Millat Kamil Madrasah
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Tamirul Millat Kamil Madrasah runs by Tamirul Millat Trust.Tamirul Millat Kamil Madrasah is one of the established and leading glorious non-governments Alia Madrasah in Bangladesh. It is operated as an apex institution and offers strict academic disciplines. The institution has duly achieved inspiration from a large number of educationists within and outside the country. It has become a great icon in the country for its own quality teaching and brilliant performance.

It is a modern, residential and ideal institution which door has opened first in a historical moment in 1963.And only recently the Madrasah has been affiliated with Islamic University, Kustia after Fazil and Kamil have been brought under the university ensuring equivalent standard with bachelor and Master Degrees.

From the inception of the establishment, the Madrasah has been striding ahead to its enlightened destination. The institution successfully combines deep Islamic knowledge and modern education to produce honest and expert citizens and dynamic leadership for the nation and the Muslim Ummah as well. Every year a number of students receiving the highest degree from here take part in different government, semi government and privet offices of our country.

For the growing national demand, Tamirul Millat had to open other two branches. One is for male students at Tongi in Gazipur and other is for female students at Matuail in Demra another new campus for female students at Tongi from 2012.The both branches have shown an excellent performance.

The main campus in previous years was recognized as the best educational institution more then once. It has become possible for Allah, excellent management teachers, sincerity and the co-operation the local people.



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